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Archive for the ‘WordPress Tutorial’ Category

How to Install a New WordPress Theme

Alright, you already know how to install the latest version of WordPress and want to switch away from the default WordPress theme look, but have no idea how to do it? Here’s a tutorial for you, complete with screenshots so even a beginner can easily follow along. With this three-step tutorial you’ll have a new blog theme ready in no time.

There are a few automated ways to install a new WordPress Theme, but for now, we will be focusing on the manual WordPress theme installation process only. For sure everyone can use this tutorial if it’s the manual process. Also, this tutorial assumes that you already have WordPress installed on your server. It also assumes you are installing a “normal” theme, i.e. no advanced functionality that would require additional plugins or configuration.

Step 1: Download your theme of choice
You can check out our Free WordPress Theme Directory for a sample, for now we’ll install Planets 1 since I really like that one. Click on the download link.


Then you will downlad the zip file and extract the /planets1/ folder only.

Step 2: Upload the theme directory to WordPress
Seems simple enough, right? It really is, if you know where to upload it. Use an FTP client such as FileZilla to connect to your server or website. Navigate to where WordPress is installed and locate the /wp-content/themes/ directory. Upload the /planets1/ directory to it. After you’re done, it should look something like this.


The hard part is now out of the way. The next and final step is to activate the theme within your WordPress admin panel.

Step 3: Activate the theme within your WordPress admin panel
Login to your WordPress admin panel, and navigate to the Presentation tab. You should now be at a screen that looks like this.


Wow, look, you can already see the Planets1 screenshot above! WordPress reads the directory and searches for the screenshot image and stylesheet within it. Simply click on it, and following screen will come up that will allow you to activate it.


You will see a small activate link at the upper corner of the preview screen. If you click it you will activate this particular theme and will see the next screen.


That wasn’t so bad was it? WordPress makes it simple like that.

Now if you go to your main page you should now see your nice Planets 1 in action.


If you still need help, feel free to post a question underneath for assistance. Feel free to leave a comment or subscribe to our feed if you liked this tutorial.